Metal Roofing Snow Slide Prevention

A snowy roof can be picturesque. However, if the roof is made of metal there can be associated hazards because of the risk of snow slides. Effective management of snow on a metal roof is essential to winter-time home safety.


Metal roofs are especially susceptible to snow slides.

Snow slides can cause a number of problems, both to the architecture of the roof and to those passing by underneath it. However, preventing hazardous conditions can be accomplished through the design of the roof itself and through the use of roof guards to eliminate the possibility of large snow slides.


Snow guards and snow fences can provide your roof with greater structural integrity. They might also better distribute the snow mass and cause the snow to melt more gradually so that dangerously large slides are less likely to occur. Use a reinforced gutter system and a waterproof membrane at locations where seepage or leakage can occur. Be aware of any mechanisms that create heat near the roof, such as exhaust fans, due to the fact that they could actual add to the possibility of a snow slide.


Snow slides are facilitated by metal roofs. They, along with objects like icicles, can cause bodily harm to people. These slides can also damage gutter systems and other property on the ground and add to the potential risk of leaks and water damage to your roof, attic and upper floors. Any preventative measures you take should be in accordance with the design specific to your roof and home and, if at all possible, be coordinated with the opinion of a professional architect.