Cost to Operate Propane Vs. Electric Appliances

When purchasing an appliance, budget-minded consumers consider the cost of the energy to operate the appliance. Many appliances can run on propane or electricity. There are different points to consider when comparing the cost of the two.

Energy Types

Propane is a portable energy source that can be stored in tanks or cylinders.

The cost of energy is affected by the type of energy in question. Propane occurs naturally and is considered a primary source of energy. Electricity is a secondary source of energy because it must be created by using another type of energy such as gas or coal. For this reason, propane cost less in most areas.

Cost Variances

The cost of electricity and propane varies by region. Using a mathematical formal to figure the cost of use, propane is more economical choice if selling for less than $3.24 a gallon (as of 2010). If propane is more than this, electricity is the cheaper choice.

Environmental Impact

The use of any type of energy source affects the environment. Propane gas produces low levels of air contaminants. Electricity itself does not produce any air pollutants. However, the production of electricity produces varied amounts of pollution depending on the primary energy source used in production.

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