What Is Resi-Tronic Ballast?

Amy Rodriguez

Lighting fixtures use ballasts to allow current to flow to the bulb for light to shine. Many different types of ballasts are available, including the Resi-Tronic ballast, manufactured by American Fluorescent, illustrating various options and benefits for light functionality.


A typical ballast allows the beginning voltage from a building's electrical system to enter the light fixture. Also, the ballast keeps the power flowing at an even pace so that surges or shorts do not affect the fixture or bulb.


Resi-Tronic ballasts brought new technology to the ballast industry. There is no waiting for the lights to flicker on, since the ballast provides an immediate light response. The typical ballast hum is lessened providing a quieter functioning, and it can also power up at a 0 degree Fahrenheit temperature.


Resi-Tronic ballasts also offer more light output, at 5,415 lumens, than a standard ballast, offering up to 5,016 lumens. In addition, this ballast saves energy, being qualified for the Energy Star program.