Jandy Valves Troubleshooting

Jandy valves refer to actuator valves manufactured by Jandy Pool Products, Inc. used to control water flow in automated pool and spa equipment. Jandy valves can develop problems for a number of reasons, some basic troubleshooting may resolve them.

Water Leakage

Jandy valves, used in pools and spas, can develop problems that require troubleshooting.

If water leakage occurs inside the valve actuator, damaged seals may be to blame. The operator can often resolve the problem by lubricating the seals after replacing the top lid piece of the Jandy valve.

Stuck Valve Diverter

The valve diverter in a Jandy valve refers to a vacuum-actuated valve that releases pressure. A broken actuator shaft or valve diverter can cause the valve diverter to stick while the actuator motor is in operation. Inspect the valve diverter and actuator shaft for excessive wear or other damage and replace them as needed.

Actuator Half-Rotation

A Jandy valve that rotates in only one direction may contain a broken microswitch, or switch that breaks or diverts an electrical circuit, or it may be malfunctioning due to a bad electrical connection. The operator should replace the microswitch if damaged, and check for any loose connections and tighten them as needed.

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