Problems With Power Sewer Grinder Pumps

Power sewer grinder pumps process sewage from a building or residence. When sewage pumps stop working because of items which should not be in the sewer line, pumps can fail and stop working.


When sewer pumps stop working, it can cause sewage flooding.

When sewer grinder pumps stop working, it can cause a sewer pit or line to back up or cause flooding. If a residence or commercial sewage line is lower than the pump, flooding can back up into the building. When sewage backs up into a building, the cleanup costs can be expensive and the sewage poses health hazards to people and animals.


Sewer grinder pumps grind residue before it passes through the pump, but there are many items grinders are not good at processing. In a residential or commercial setting, items which disintegrate once they are flushed down a toilet are easier to grind than items which do not disintegrate.

Expert Insight

Sewage grinder pumps should contain sufficient horsepower to process the amount of sewage entering a sewage pit or processor. The pumps should be connected by a certified electrician. To avoid sewage problems, use biodegradable products and don't put anything in the sewage line which might cause the motor to burn out.