Proper Drain Tile Installation to a Sump Crock

Drain tiles are a part of a drainage system that keeps a sub-level basement dry.


Drainage tiles help keep water from entering the foundation.Drainage tiles help keep water from entering the foundation.
Bury drainage tiles around the perimeter of a foundation to direct water in the ground away from the house. Without a proper drainage system in place, water can leak into the foundation of a home and create hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage.

These tiles should be installed under the basement floor before any permanent flooring. If these are not installed before the flooring, they are extremely expensive to install later.

Sump Crock

The crock is the part that holds the sump pump. Drain tiles should end in the sump pit so the water will enter the sump crock. From there, the sump pump will bring it away from the house. The crock should be surrounded by gravel, and the drain tiles should come into the pit through holes in the crock.


PVC piping is a better choice than the flexible black plastic that is at the end of a gutter drain pipe. Bury the pipe with a layer of gravel followed by a layer of roofing felt to prevent sediment from entering the drain tiles.

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