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How to Fix Little Holes in a Leather Couch

Maria Magher
Repairing small holes in leather is easy if you have the right tools.

Tiny holes in a leather couch are likely to become large tears as soon as curious little fingers find them. Remove temptation by fixing small holes as soon as you see them. Though leather is beautiful and durable, it is vulerable to punctures that can't be fixed with a needle and thread. Fixing these holes requires a special leather repair kit. With a little practice and the proper technique, you can get a perfect repair and no one will ever know there was a hole.

Step 1

Clean the area around the holes with saddle soap and a cotton ball. Using alcohol will get the area clean, but it will also dry out the leather.

Step 2

Cut loose threads and frayed fabric around the hole to ensure a smooth repair.

Step 3

Insert a backing fabric behind the hole, using tweezers. If the hole is so small that inserting a backing fabric would make the hole larger, you can skip this step.

Step 4

Apply adhesive just under the edges of the hole to get the leather to bond to the backing fabric.

Step 5

Choose the appropriate color from your leather repair kit to match your leather, then apply the repair compound to the hole. Spread it as evenly as possible using the tool provided in the kit.

Step 6

Dry the compound with a hair dryer on low heat. If the kit includes a texturing cloth or paper, you can lay this over the hole and tape it down, then use an iron to heat the area.


Each leather repair kit uses a different technique. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly to get the best repair. Some kits are sold to repair both leather and vinyl. If you choose one of these, make sure it has the appropriate colors to match your leather.


If you use a home iron to dry the area, be sure that it does not burn the surrounding leather. Keep it on a low heat and try to touch it only to the affected area.