How to Stain Lattice

Julie Richards

Lattice poses a problem when you apply paint or stain to it due to its broken surface. You must take your time to distribute the stain evenly on the lattice slats. While you paint a wall with a roller, you cut in and trim with a smaller brush, and you paint wide boards with a broad brush, staining a lattice is different. You don't use a roller for staining lattice, and brushes make the job a time-consuming task. However, the benefit of using a brush means you reach every part of the lattice and distribute the stain evenly over the entire surface.

Step 1

Cover a large area with newspaper and set the sawhorses on the newspaper. Lay the lattice on the sawhorses.

Step 2

Stir, do not shake, the stain before opening to keep air bubbles to a minimum. Dip your paintbrush bristles halfway into the stain. Apply the stain to the lattice in one smooth stroke. Refill the brush as needed. Once the exposed side is stained, wrap the brush in a plastic bag and stick it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

Step 3

Flip the dried lattice to the other side after the stain dries. Remove the brush from the refrigerator and bag. Stain the exposed side of the lattice, paying close attention to the sides of the slats. Wipe any drips or runs with a soft cloth, as they occur.

Step 4

Inspect the lattice from all directions to find unstained areas of the wood. Touch up any areas you missed in the first application of stain. Store the brush, covered with the bag, in the refrigerator. Allow the lattice to dry completely.

Step 5

Apply another coat of stain, if you desire, to achieve the color you want for your project. Cover the entire side each time you apply a coat of the stain to keep the color consistent throughout the latticework.