How to Make Floral Arrangements for Skinny Vases

Using a narrow, skinny vase for your flower arrangement creates an eye-catching and stunning display. Shorter skinny vases with flowers fit well on bathroom countertops, end tables or grouped together as a centerpiece. A flower arrangement in a tall skinny vase is ideal for table centerpieces, making a statement while not overwhelming the table. Skinny vase flower arrangements are easy and low-cost, but look dramatic.

Tall and skinny centerpieces are dramatic.

Step 1

Select a skinny, narrow vase for your flower arrangement. The vase can be short for a small arrangement on countertops or end tables, or a tall slender vase for centerpieces. The vase of a floral arrangement is the foundation of the display.

Step 2

Fill your skinny vase with water up to about 1 inch from the rim for tall vases and 1/2 inch for shorter vases.

Step 3

Prepare your flower stems by re-cutting the stems under water with a sharp knife. The cuts should be at an angle to open as much of the stem as possible, which allows it to take up more water.

Step 4

Insert the longest stemmed flower into the skinny vase first. For really skinny vases, like a bud vase, one flower, like a rose or hydrangea, may be sufficient. More stems can be inserted if the vase opening is wider or the stems are thin. The stems should be long enough so the flower blossom is several inches above the vase rim.

Step 5

Continue to add flower stems to the vase. Aim for a triangular or circular arrangement shape for a skinny vase. This can be accomplished with a few flower stems or many, depending on the vase size.

Step 6

Add sparse filler greenery to your arrangement. A few long arching grass leaves, ivy stems or a stem of bear grass may be all you need to finish the arrangement. Skinny vase flower arrangements need minimal filler greenery to accent the blooms.

Things You Will Need

  • Skinny vase
  • Long-stemmed flowers
  • Greenery (long grasses, fern fronds, ivy)
  • Sharp knife
  • Water
  • Branches (optional)


  • With fewer flowers in your arrangement, an odd number of stems is more visually pleasing.
  • Add a graceful thin branch from a shrub or tree in with your flowers for an artistic and casual arrangement.
  • Floral preservative can be added to the vase water. Follow the instructions on the packet.


  • Keep it simple. Too many flowers or too many different flower types makes your skinny vase flower arrangement appear too busy and disorganized. Less is better.

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