How to Resurrect Craftsman 19.2 NiCad Batteries

The Craftsman 19.2 NiCad battery is a battery for certain Craftsman power drills. All such batteries are rechargeable, but, as is the case with many such batteries, they might not provide power even if you try to recharge them after have worn them down entirely. If you have used up every last ounce of battery power, perhaps after restarting it briefly multiple times after it first stopped, the battery might not have the juice to even begin the charge. In this case, you can resuscitate the battery by using another DC battery. This will give the battery just enough juice to begin the normal charging process again.

Step 1

Place the Craftsman 19.2 NiCad battery upside down on a flat surface. The contact points should be facing up.

Step 2

Connect a second battery to the battery. The easiest way to do this is if you happen to have a second working NiCad battery of the same size and shape. If you do, you can literally just hold the batteries together (contact points connecting) for 15 to 20 minutes. This will obviously not fully charge the battery, but it will give it enough juice to initiate a regular charge. If you do not, you can connect another DC battery like a car battery by connecting a pair of cables from the + and – points. Even with a powerful battery, power will transfer very slowly, so you’ll still need to keep it for 15 to 20 minutes to get enough.

Step 3

Remove the connection and plug the NiCad battery back into the Craftsman charger. It will now have enough power to make the connection and bring the charge to full strength.