How to Replace Carport Awning Posts

A carport with an awning keeps snow and rain off your car while also shielding it from the sun. Carports are much simpler structures than enclosed garages. However, they still will require repairs if damaged during severe weather, or hit while you're driving in or out of the carport. Carport awning posts are replaceable regardless of whether they're made of metal, wood or plastic. However, you'll need to purchase an identical post to replace the damaged one to avoid the need for further modifications to your carport.

Bracing the Awning

Step 1

Measure the height of your carport awning's structural frame near the post you want to replace.  Measure from the base of the frame to the surface of your driveway below, even if this is not the same as the length of the post itself.

Step 2

Lay two 2-by-4s across a pair of sawhorses and cut them to the length you measured with a circular saw. 

Step 3

Brace the awning by positioning each 2-by-4 from below so that it is directly under the carport awning's roof frame.  Position one 2-by-4 on each side of the post you want to replace, leaving yourself several feet of clearance to work.

Step 4

Place two sandbags against the wider sides of each 2-by-4 to brace its base.  Examine the braces from a distance to make sure they are reasonably straight.

Removing the Post

Step 1

Examine the base of the damaged carport post where it is attached to the ground.  Remove any screws with a screwdriver, or remove bolts and nuts with a socket driver.

Set the removed hardware aside. 

Step 2

Chip away cement with a demolition hammer if the carport awning post is set into a cement foundation.  Remove only as much cement as you need to loosen the post.

Step 3

Position your ladder near the damaged post and climb up to examine the point where the post meets the awning's frame.  Remove screws, bolts or nuts with the appropriate tools.

Pull out nails with a claw tooth hammer if the carport has a wooden frame. 

Step 4

Hold the post in place as it comes loose.  Have someone on the ground carry it away before you come down from the ladder.

Post Replacement

Step 1

Remove any remaining cement in the awning post's foundation if it was cemented into the ground.  Clear the hole by hand so that there is more than enough room to insert a new post.

Step 2

Reverse the procedure for removing the carport awning post by first attaching it to the awning frame.  Use new nails or reinsert the screws, nuts and bolts you removed, if they are in good condition.

Step 3

Mix up enough cement to fill the hole you've cleared by combining cement mix and water in a metal wheelbarrow using a trowel.  Place the base of the new post in the hole and fill the space around it with cement using the trowel.

Wait for the cement to dry fully before proceeding. 

Step 4

Affix the new post to the ground with screws or bolts, if it wasn't cemented in place.  Grasp the replacement post and put gentle pressure on it to ensure that it is anchored to the ground and to the awning frame above.

Step 5

Remove the sandbags and 2-by-4 support braces. 

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Ladder
  • 2-by-4 lumber
  • Circular saw
  • Two sawhorses
  • Safety glasses
  • Four large sand bags
  • Socket set with driver
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Electric demolition hammer
  • Replacement post
  • Cement mix
  • Water
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Trowel


  • Consult your carport's owner's manual or installation guide for information about replacement posts and where to order them. If you constructed your own carport, prepare a replacement post before beginning the replacement process.


  • Wear eye protection while operating a circular saw or demolition hammer to guard against flying debris.
  • Remove your car from the carport while attempting any sort of repairs to the awning and posts.
  • Always follow the safety instructions printed on your ladder.