How to Paint Plastic Patio Furniture

One of the best ways to bring a new look to your beloved patio furniture is by applying a fresh coat of paint to each piece of furniture. You will save a significant amount of money by painting plastic patio furniture yourself as opposed to buying new patio furniture. Unfortunately, spray painting plastic doesn't create a lasting result. You need to follow the proper steps to make sure the paint will stick to plastic patio furniture.

  1. Wash the plastic patio furniture thoroughly with a sponge or washcloth. Use a mixture of water and detergent in a bucket to get rid of years of dirt and grime. Pay special attention to areas of the furniture where pieces come together.

  2. Sand the entire surface of the patio furniture using fine sandpaper. The rough surface created on the plastic patio furniture is needed to make the primer stick to the furniture.

  3. Use the brush to clean off the pieces of plastic removed with the sandpaper. The new paint won't stick to the furniture in the places where the plastic debris isn't cleared.

  4. Apply a smooth coat of primer designed for plastic. An adhesive based primer works best on plastic.

  5. Allow the primer to dry overnight. The primer needs to be completely dry before you add paint to the outdoor patio furniture.

  6. Add a second coat of primer for added protection. Wait for the second coat of primer to dry completely. The second primer coat will provide a better surface for the final color to stick to.

  7. Paint the plastic patio furniture with a 100 percent acrylic exterior latex paint to protect the furniture against the elements. Apply the paint over the furniture in a smooth, even layer.

  8. Wait for the paint to dry and enjoy your just-like-new patio furniture.


  • Always clean and paint outdoor furniture in a wide open area with good ventilation.
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