How to Adjust the Blade on Circular Saw

Adjusting the blade on a circular saw is fast and easy.

How to Adjust the Blade on Circular Saw

The blade of a circular saw--also called a skill saw--has two adjustments. One adjustment determines how deeply the blade cuts and the other adjustment determines at what angle the blade cuts--anything from a 90 degree angle to a 45 degree angle.

Unplug a saw before adjusting the blade. There are no exceptions to that rule.

Look at the two possible adjustments: the depth of the cut and the angle of the cut.

Flip the lever so the deck moves freely. This determines how deep the blade cuts. A lever on the back side of the saw, usually just behind the motor, allows the deck of the saw to move freely up and down. Generally speaking you only want the blade to extend an eighth of an inch beyond the thickness of the material you are cutting. With the deck freely moving, hold the saw up against the material you are cutting and visually check to see that the blade is set to a depth just greater than the thickness of the material. Once the blade is at the proper depth, flip the lever back into the locked position.

Make the second adjustment so that you are allowed to adjust the angle of the blade. This adjustment is usually on the front of the saw and may be a lever or a wing nut-type of locking device. Open this lock and the deck of the saw rotates from side to side. There is a gauge near the locking mechanism that tells you at what angle the blade will cut, anything from a straight up-and-down 90 degree cut to a 45 degree angle. Once the deck is set for the angle you wish, lock the deck in place.

Cut with the saw moving away from your body and always be mindful of where your hands are at all times. Follow all manufacturer's safety instructions. The blade is now adjusted for you to work with on any project of choice.

Things You Will Need

  • A Circular Saw


  • Always make certain you have locked the deck of the saw in the position you want. Follow all manufacturer's safety instructions.


  • Always unplug any saw before making any adjustment to the blade.

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