Buying Lumber at Home Depot

If you are about to start a building project, you will most likely need lumber. Home Depot is a convenient place to get lumber because of the helpful associates and easy in store process. Most stores even have a delivery service! Read on to learn how you can get lumber at Home Depot.

  1. Approach the "Pro" desk, located to the right in front of the lumber section of the store.

  2. Ask an associate at the desk for help with your purchase.

  3. Choose your wood. The associate will show you their selection and will give you three different price ranges, which are, low grade, medium grade and professional grade. The quality of the wood is determined by these price grades.

  4. Pay for the wood at the pro desk.

  5. Have the associate bring the wood to the loading dock with a forklift while you bring your vehicle to the dock or have Home Depot deliver the wood to your work site. Delivery is an extra $65 for any delivery within a 60 mile radius of the store. Every extra mile is an additional $1.

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