How to Wire Fluorescent Lights

Wiring fluorescent lights in your home will bring a warm natural light to your environment.

Fluorescent lights are also more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent lights come in a variety of types of light and lumens. The bigger the lumens, the more light they will output. Most bulbs have a comparison on them that compares to a standard bulb. There are also charts that will help you in determining the light spectrum that meets your needs such as a sun bulb, grow bulb, etc. Wiring is simple when following the correct steps.

Turn off the main electricity.

Attach the electrical wire to your fluorescent light. Make sure you are matching wire color. Run your wire from your light to your switch. Cut to length and strip about 1 inch off.

Wire in the switch only with the black wire. Plasti-cap the white wire that comes from the light and that will go to the power source together.

Run wire from the switch to either your fuse box if you have a dedicated circuit, or the nearest outlet. Cut to length, and strip 1 inch off. Make sure the amps on the circuit you are tying into match the amps of your switch and wire. To wire into the outlet you will remove the faceplate and unscrew the outlet, then pull toward you. Next you will attach the wires to the side screws of the outlet matching wire color to the screws. The screws will be labeled white and black. To wire to the fuse box you will unscrew the metal panel, and pull toward you. This will expose all the wires. DO NOT touch any wires above the main breaker titled main principal; this wire is live. You will bring your lamp wire into the fuse box and screw the black wire to the breaker. The white wire and ground will go the metal bar strip in the fuse box and screw into one of the open holes.

Turn back on the electricity when the outlet is installed, or after the lamp is wired to the fuse box everything is reassembled.

Things You Will Need

  • Electrical wire matching proper amps to your circuit Phillips and flathead screwdrivers Wire cutter Plasti-caps


  • Turn off the main electricity before starting Do not touch any wires above the main principal; these are live wires.