How to Convert Inches into Decimal Values

Often measurements are provided in fractions, especially inches.

Convert Inches into Decimal Values
However, there may be times when the inches need to be converted into a decimal format. Use this example to learn how to convert inches into decimal values. .

Start with 5 2/3 inches.

Convert the 2/3 into decimals. Divide 2 by 3, which equals 0.66. So, the inches are 5.66.

Divide 5.66 into 12, because there are 12 inches in a foot.

Apply the "common sense" test. Because 6 inches is half a foot, the decimal value will be around 0.50.

Divide 5.66 into 12, which totals 0.47. The decimal value of 5 2/3 inches is 0.47 feet.

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