How to Use a Tubing Bender

Soft metal tubing, such as copper pipe, requires a special type of bender in order to safely bend the tubing so that it doesn't crimp or break.

Internal Spring Benders

Using one of three specialized tools, soft metal can be easily bent to conform to the shape needed for the area without the use of connectors. Most tubing benders will allow for up to a 90 degree bend in tubes or pipe.

Determine the external diameter of the tubing you wish to bend. Larger tubing will need an internal spring bender, while smaller tubing up to 10 mm will need an external bender.

Tie a length of string to the eye end of the internal spring. This will help you to remove the spring from the tubing after bending.

Insert the tapered end of the spring bender into the tubing.

Force the spring to bend to the desired bend for the tubing by applying pressure with both hands and bringing the spring ends together. You may wish to use your foot or knee to create a curved surface to form the bend.

Slide the spring out of the bent tubing by pulling on the string.

External Spring Benders

Insert the tubing inside the spring bender centering the location where you want the tubing bent.

Force the ends of the spring together until the desired degree of bending is achieved.

Remove the tubing from the spring and use as desired.

Mechanical Tubing Benders

Make sure that the former and roller are the proper size for the tubing that you wish to bend.

Insert the tubing into the machine centering the location where the bend is needed over the head of the bender.

Use the lever on the bender to force the roller against the former causing the tubing to conform to the desired degree of bending.

Things You Will Need

  • Soft metal tube or pipe
  • Tube bender


  • With the exception of the external spring bender, the bender has to be sized according to the outside diameter of the tubing or pipe being bent. A mechanical tubing bender is most useful when making multiple bends in a long length of tubing. It can be rented from rental houses that supply construction companies or do-it-yourself operations.