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How to Redo Rotten Trim Around a Garage Door

Kenneth Crawford

Garage doors accentuate your home's appearance, but rotting trim work around the garage door is not pleasant to look at. The trim work can be replaced with a perimeter weather seal that not only protects the garage from the outside elements but also is an attractive addition to your garage door.

Remove Rotted Trim

Trim weather seal
  1. Raise the garage door up. Using the flat-head screwdriver, pry the old trim off the doorjamb.

  2. Using your hammer, remove any nails that may be remaining. Use the claw end of the hammer to remove any residual caulk left behind by the old trim.

  3. Sand down the jamb by hand using a sheet of rough-grit sandpaper. This will help ensure a smooth application.

Install New Trim

  1. Close the garage door fully. Start at the top and measure the opening. Using the hacksaw, cut a piece of trim to size. (If you have a barn-cut opening, use a miter saw to cut the 45-degree angles you need)

  2. Have a helper hold one end of the trim to the header while you hold the other end. Position the trim by allowing the weather strip to slightly bend over the garage door. Tack the trim into the header with the finishing nails spaced about 12 inches apart.

  3. Measure both jambs from the ground to the trim, and cut each piece of trim for the appropriate jamb.

  4. Line up your jamb trim even with the top trim, and tack into place using the finishing nails.

  5. Make sure that the weather strip is even all the way around the opening. Finish nailing the trim into place.

    Put the caulk in the caulking gun and apply a small bead between the trim and the door jamb. This will help in keeping moisture from between the trim and wood.