How to Hang Door Beads

Door beads are a way to add a bit of privacy to a room or closet. They provide an unusual look to the room and come in a variety of styles and colors. Door beads are relatively inexpensive and can be found via the Internet, at craft stores, home stores, or you can design and make them yourself. The possibilities are endless when decorating a room with door beads.

  1. Measure the doorway's width in comparison to the curtain's width. Most beaded curtains are made to fit standard door frames. If yours is not a standard door frame, you may need to cut the curtain to fit. Use a utility knife or sharp scissors to cut the beaded curtain at the top.

  2. Hold the curtain into place where you want to hang it. Use a level and tape measure to ensure that it is straight and centered.

  3. Mark the wall with a pencil where the nails or hooks should go according to the plastic hooks on the top of the curtain.

  4. Hammer in nails or screw in hooks where the pencil marks are on the wall. Secure them tightly into the door frame or wall.

  5. Attach the beaded curtain's pre-cut holes in the top to the nails or screws in the wall.

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