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How to Sand & Stain Cedar Furniture

Hubert Oresco

Cedar is a durable and rot-resistant wood, making cedar furniture excellent for inside or outside of your home. Sanding and staining cedar furniture ensures it will survive years of wear and tear. With a small amount of time and effort you can make sure your cedar furniture will last for generations.

  1. Smooth the entire surface of the piece of cedar furniture with 220 grit sandpaper. Work carefully to ensure the wood is completely smooth.

  2. Wipe the surface of the cedar furniture clean with a dry rag. Be sure to remove all traces of dust before applying the wood sealer.

  3. Apply a thick coat of wood sealer to the whole surface of the cedar furniture. Allow it to sit for several minutes and wipe any excess sealer off with a clean rag.

  4. Sand the piece again with the 220 grit sandpaper.

  5. Brush on the initial coat of stain. Allow the stain to sit on the piece and penetrate into the cedar. Wipe off excess stain with a clean rag. Apply further coats to achieve a darker finish.

  6. Apply a thin coat of polyurethane with a clean brush to protect the cedar from moisture. Lightly sand the cedar with the 220 grit sandpaper after the initial coat of polyurethane has dried. Apply another thin coat to ensure the cedar is sealed.