How to Mix Paint With Ceiling Texture

It's no secret that most do-it-yourselfers like to save time by skipping or combining steps.
When it comes to painting, this is usually ill-advised. However, there are certain situations that allow you to cut a corner or two. Mixing paint with ceiling texture can help you combine two or even three steps into one. However, mixing the two materials is not as easy as stirring them together with a simple wooden stir stick. If you'd like to mix paint with ceiling texture, you will need to follow the appropriate steps or you're likely to end up with inconsistent distribution resulting in an unattractive, uneven-looking finish. .

Step 1

Pour the paint into the five-gallon bucket. Fill it to no more than two-thirds capacity.

Step 2

Attach the spade handle mixing paddle to the power drill.

Step 3

Plug the drill in if you do not have battery power.

Step 4

Add the ceiling texture to the paint within the five-gallon bucket.

Step 5

Insert the mixing paddle about halfway into the ceiling texture and paint. Begin the drill on a low setting.

Step 6

Increase the drill's power from low to medium, and then up to high.

Step 7

Raise the drill one inch as it spins, then lower it one inch. Repeat this action for about five minutes.

Step 8

Repeat steps five, six and seven until the ceiling texture appears evenly distributed within the paint.

Things You Will Need

  • Power drill
  • Spade handle mixing paddle with a 20 to 30-inch shaft
  • 5-gallon bucket


  • Spade handle mixing paddles are generally best suited to mix ceiling texture with paint. However, you can use most any mixing paddle as long as it has a 20 to 30-inch shaft.


  • Never remove the mixing paddle from the paint and ceiling texture without shutting off the power first. Otherwise, you will splatter paint in all directions. This is very important to keep in mind as a spinning mixing paddle can throw paint as far as 20 feet. You'll be spending a lot of time and money cleaning up paint if you fail to heed this warning.

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