How to Coordinate Your Clothes in Your Closet

Don’t go shopping for new clothes. The answer to finding a stylish outfit might be as simple as coordinating the clothes you already have in your closet. A jumbled closet full of random styles and colors can make it difficult to piece together ensembles. The visual can be overwhelming, the task daunting, and key pieces of clothing can get lost in the shuffle. To make sure you’re dressing your best and making use of clothes you already have, give your wardrobe a makeover.

Divide by Item and Color

Step 1

Divide clothing in several categories.  Women should divide their clothing as follows: blouses, dresses, pants, sweaters and jackets.

Men should divide their clothing as follows: shirts, pants, sweaters and jackets.  If you feel ambitious, divide clothes even further, such as separating shirts with short and long sleeves.

Step 2

Place blouses and shirts in the middle of your closet, and work your way outward.  Put dresses and skirts on either side of the blouses and shirts, and put pants, sweaters and jackets on either side of the dresses and skirts.

Step 3

Work your way outward color-wise, from light-colored clothing to dark, with each clothing category.  For instance, in your shirt/blouse section, put lighter colors toward the middle and go darker as you move outward.

If an item has more than one color, such as a patterned dress, organize it by its most prevalent color. 

Coordinate by Color Only

Step 1

Divide clothes by colors that are the same or similar, and work outward from the center of the closet, from light-colored clothing to dark. 

Step 2

Try to place garments that match close together whenever possible.  Refer to the color wheel to know if certain colors coordinate.

According to men’s clothing website Ask Andy About Clothes, the triad colors—red, blue and yellow—work well together.  Also, complementary colors—those that are directly opposite each other on the wheel—and colors very near each other on the wheel work, too.

Step 3

Avoid combining colors that are several spaces away from each other on the color wheel. 

Things You Will Need

  • Color wheel


  • Choose sturdy plastic hangers to avoid warped hangers or clothes falling to the floor.
  • Pack away out-of-season clothing to save room in your closet. If you’re packing an item away that you didn’t wear all season, consider donating it to your local charity, such as Goodwill.
  • Print a color wheel and tape it to the inside of your closet so you can easily determine if clothes coordinate.

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