How to Keep Rain Out of My Window Wells

Window wells prevent soil and water from entering basement windows. They are usually in the shape of a half-circle and attach to the exterior wall on both sides of the window. Window well covers prevent rain from falling into the window well. However, if rainwater collects in a window well, the issue may be more than the falling rain--the problem may actually be due to water not draining out of the window wells properly.

Some windows have wells to protect them.
  1. Dig the gravel and soil out of the window well until the entire interior of the window well is visible.

  2. Fill a bucket with warm water and use the scrub brush to scrub the area where the window well meets the wall. Remove any existing caulk while cleaning. The area must dry thoroughly before caulking.

  3. Insert the tube of caulk into the caulk gun. Cut the tip on an angle with a utility knife approximately 3/4 inch from the end of the tip. Insert a long nail into the tip to break the seal at the end of the tube of caulk. If your caulk gun is equipped with a wire for this purpose, use that instead.

  4. Apply a bead of caulk along the seam from bottom to top on both sides of the window well where the window well meets the wall. The caulk must dry according to manufacturer's directions on the label before performing the next step. This will stop groundwater from seeping into the window well.

  5. Fill the window well with gravel, leaving 2 inches below the window opening.

  6. Place the window well cover on top of the window. Mark the location for installation screws on the house. Remove the window well cover.

  7. Drill pilot holes with a drill with a 1/8-inch drill bit at the location of screws the mounting hardware. Use a masonry bit if the screws will be going into masonry such as brick or stucco.

  8. Place the window well cover in position. Apply a bead of caulk between the edge of the window well cover and wall. Install screws with the drill and a screwdriver bit.


  • Protect your eyes with safety glasses or goggles while using the drill.
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