How to Unclog a Toilet Line

There are many things that can clog a toilet line.

Remove the clog from your toilet line.Remove the clog from your toilet line.
When something as large and obstructive as a towel, child's toy or buildup of tissue has blocked the toilet line, a plunger alone will not be able to remove the blockage. A closet auger or plumbing snake will be able to push through or remove most of the bigger items that can clog up a toilet line. When the blockage has been removed, your toilet line should be able to function normally again.

Insert the hooked part of the closet auger or plumbing snake into the exit of the toilet bowl. The bent part of the auger should go as far down the bowl as it can.

Thread the auger's snake through the bowl. Aim to touch the clog and don't stop threading out the auger until you do.

Twist the handle of the auger clockwise to push it further into the clog. This will hook whatever it is that is clogging your toilet onto the auger.

Take the auger out of the bowl. Pull the bent part of the auger out. The cause of the clog should be attached to the end of the auger. If the cause of the clog is not on the end of the auger, it may have been pushed through the toilet line when you were threading the auger in the bowl.

Pour a bucket of water into the toilet bowl. If the water level goes down, the clog is clear. If the water level does not go down, repeat Steps 1 through 4 to remove the clog.

Things You Will Need

  • Closet auger/plumbing snake
  • Bucket of water


  • Wear old clothes while working on the toilet because you may get wet and messy.


  • Do not try to flush the toilet while working with the auger as the water will not go down.

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