How to Mix Stucco with Color

Stucco is another name for the product called Portland cement. Stucco mixes thin enough to become a plaster, and takes well to pressed or molded patterns before drying. It used to be that the only color choices for stucco were white and gray, which were the basic colors of the cement itself. But now, many hardware stores offer stucco coloring pigments that will give you several different choices for the colors that suit your needs.

Mix stucco for stand-out color

Step 1

Fill your bucket with the recommended amount of water for the stucco that you will be using. Stucco mixes from different companies will require differing amounts of water, so follow the package directions closely.

Step 2

Add in a colored pigment to the water. Although there will be directions on how much pigment to add for the shade of color you desire, you can use your own judgment, as well.

Step 3

Mix the water with your mixing stick to disperse the pigment until the color is uniform throughout.

Step 4

Pour in the stucco powder and mix it together with the colored water. Keep mixing until the powder has absorbed all of the colored water. It is now ready to apply to your walls.