How to Attach a Trellis

A trellis can provide a multitude of uses: It may form a privacy wall from neighbors, act as a large anchor for plants and conserve space by allowing them to grow upward, and can even add an architectural element to landscape. The most ideal place for a trellis is on the side of a house or wall, like a tool shed. Before installing a trellis, consider the location and the type of plants that the trellis will support.

Lattice trellises are most commonly hung on walls.
  1. Make sure the location you pick for your trellis provides adequate sunlight for the designated plants. Also ensure the hanging area is sturdy.

  2. Set the trellis flat against the wall. The important thing to keep in mind is that the trellis must be secure enough so it won't fall over from the weight of a maturing plant. Using a level, mark the top edges with a marker where the trellis hooks will be inserted into the wall.

  3. Use the power drill to drill holes into the marked spots for the hooks. Make sure you don't drill too deeply; about one to 1 1/2 inches is sufficient. Push the hook into each of these holes manually, drilling a third directly between the two side ones for added support if needed.

  4. Pick up the trellis carefully with both hands and set it onto the hooks, looping the trellis lattice openings on top of the hooks. Make sure the trellis is even across the top and is flat against the wall.