How to Use Wire Connectors

Wire connectors can help amateur electricians complete wiring jobs. The connector connects two stripped wires. Choose the appropriate color, shape and size, and begin connecting your wires.

If the wiring job is too complex, consider calling an electrician.
  1. Choose from four different types of connectors. The color-coded connector does not cost much, and can help color code multiple wires. The winged connector is easy to use for any electric job that requires many connections. The flex connector connects big wires together. The pigtail connector can link from the spliced wire into the device's terminal screw. Find the right connector that is within your price range.

  2. Turn off the circuit's power. The electricity can easily shock you if the circuit remains on.

  3. Hold the wires together with stripped ends parallel. Press the connector over the wires. Cover the conductor or the stripped ends.

  4. Twist the connector clockwise. The two wires are connected when you tighten the splice.

  5. Test the wires. Tug each wire while holding the connector. Start the process over if the wire slips out.