How to Convert Heating Oil to Pounds

Finn McCuhil

There are times when it is advisable to know how much your heating oil tank will weigh when it is full. Your tank will need to remain stable and upright throughout the heating season. When you buy your heating oil by the gallon, you will need to do a little math to determine the amount of weight you will be adding when you fill your tank.

Find out how much that heating oil weighs with a few keystrokes.
  1. Enter the number of gallons into your calculator. In this example we will use 250 gallons.

  2. Press the multiplication key, then enter 8.34. This is the weight of a gallon of water, which has a specific gravity of 1.0.

  3. Press the key with the equal sign. Your equation so far should look like this: 250 x 8.34 = 2085.

  4. Press the multiplication key and enter 0.87 (the specific gravity of No. 2 fuel oil). Press the key with the equal sign again and you will have the weight of your fuel oil. Your equation at this point is: 2085 x 0.87 = 17388.9.

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