How to Cut Rock With a Wet Saw

Cutting rock is sometimes required in landscaping, installing stone facing on walls and simply to display the inner colors of collected rocks. No matter what the reason for cutting a rock, the process can be challenging. Using a wet saw to cut through the rock is the best, if not the only option because the water prevents the blade from overheating. When cutting through a rock with a wet saw, take the process slow and easy.

Wet saws are one of the only tools that can cut thorugh rock.
  1. Draw a pencil line on the rock where you want to cut it. Continue the line all the way around the rock if the rock is thick.

  2. Connect the end of a garden hose to the water inlet valve on the wet saw by screwing it on clockwise.

  3. Plug the saw's cord into an electrical outlet and put on safety glasses.

  4. Set the rock in a vice clamp attached to a work bench if possible. If the rock is too large to move, place it on the ground in a location that will not be damaged by the saw blade.

  5. Turn the garden hose on so that a slow trickle of water flows down the saw blade.

  6. Turn on the power button for the saw and slowly lower it towards the rock. Allow the saw to pull itself through the rock and use only slight pressure. Continue cutting until you cut all the way through the rock.

  7. Turn off the power to the saw and set it down. Remove your safety glasses and turn off the water faucet.

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