How to Braze Steel Tubing

Brazing is a way to permanently join steel tubing. Once brazed, the joined steel tubing will be as strong as any other tubing. Brazing is often used when building or repairing bicycles, tricycles and other items made from steel tubing. Brazing is also often used when constructing sculptures, some furniture and other household items and decorations.

Use brazing wire or copper wire to join steel tubing
  1. Clean the steel tubing to remove all traces of grease, grim, dirt and oxidation.

  2. Fit the steel tubing together as you want it. Secure the tubing with binding wire, a clamp or another tool so that it will stay in place if gravity alone will not hold the steel tubing.

  3. Paint the tubing with flux where the steel tubing will be joined.

  4. Heat the tubing with your torch. When the tubing is hot, put the end of your brazing wire at the join of your tubing. Continue to heat the joint of tubing with your torch while you feed brazing wire into the join. The brazing wire will melt and the melted wire will follow the flame and seal the seam of the steel tubing.

  5. Check your work. Allow the steel tubing to cool to room temperature once the tubing is completely brazed together.


  • Work in a well-ventilated space.
  • Take fire-safety precautions when using a torch.
  • Wear eye goggles when using a torch.
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