How to Shade Your House From Sun Heat

With energy costs rising people are trying to keep their houses cool when it is hot outside. The sun beating down on your home can significantly change the temperature inside. Usually people cope by cranking up the air conditioner, which only results in high energy bills and damages the environment. Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect your home from the sun's heat which will lower your energy costs and help protect the environment.

Curtains keep a home cool.
  1. Use passive cooling. Passive cooling uses non-mechanical methods, such as reflecting light away from the house, to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Use light colors when painting a house or coat your roof with reflective paint.

  2. Take care of your windows. Use reflective window coating to keep them from absorbing the sun's heat into your home.

  3. Block the heat by insulating your home. Check for insulation in places like the attic, walls and floors adjacent to an unheated space such as a garage or basement. The structural elements in these places are usually exposed so that you can see what kind of insulation you may need.

  4. Plant trees that will block sunlight from hitting the house. Ask your local nursery for trees that work well in your area.

  5. Use exterior shades to block the sun heat. Some shading options include cellular shades, solar screens and rolling shutters.

  6. Reduce heat generating sources by turning off lights you do not need and try not to use household appliances in the middle of the day.