How to Fix a Roof Seam

Seams are located where sheets or panels of metal connect on roofs. Harsh weather, corrosion and expansion of metal can cause roof seams to slightly separate. Gaps in parted roof seams allow water to leak into home interiors. The longer roof seams remain damaged, the more prone homes are to permanent damage. Promptly repair roof seams to preserve a home's structural integrity and prevent more excessive repairs. Fortunately, basic supplies can effectively repair a roof seam.

Regularly inspect roof seams for damages.
  1. Clean the damaged seam with a flexible putty knife. Scrape off any flaking roof coating, dirt and corrosion. Brush off the loose debris with a whisk broom.

  2. Dampen a clean rag with water. Wipe the damaged seam with the damp rag to rinse away any remaining particles.

  3. Wipe the seam with a clean towel until thoroughly dry. Make sure the seam is completely clean.

  4. Cover the damaged section of the seam with a coat of aluminum-based roof coating using a paintbrush. Overlap both sides of the seam with the roof coating by a couple inches. Do not allow the roof coating time to harden.

  5. Lay an asphalt impregnated glass membrane fabric patch directly over the roof coating. Make sure the patch overlaps the separated seam by a couple inches on both sides.

  6. Apply a coat of aluminum-based roof coating directly over the patch using the paintbrush. Allow the roofing coating to dry according to the manufacturer's directions.


  • Do not repair the seam in icy, windy, wet or harsh weather; you could slip off the roof.
  • Use roofing products recommending by your roof manufacturer to prevent damaging the seams further.

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