Homemade Shop Vac Muffler

Shop vacs are a powerful type of vacuum cleaner used indoors for sucking up materials and water. These machines are typically noisy, especially when they are used in a confined area. One way to make the vacuum less noisy is to use a muffler or a silencer. You can purchase a muffler or silencer to do the job, but to save a bit of money you can make one yourself.

  1. Measure the 4-inch and 2-inch PVC pipes with the tape measure. Make a mark at 20 inches with the felt-tip marker.

  2. Cut the pipe on the mark with the hacksaw.

  3. Drill 40 to 50 holes into the 2-inch PVC pipe with the power drill.

  4. Measure the acoustical foam to 18 inches with the tape measure. Cut the foam to this length with the utility knife.

  5. Wrap the acoustical foam around the 2-inch PVC pipe. Slide the 4-inch pipe over the 2-inch pipe.

  6. Insert the fiberglass packing into both ends of the PVC pipe. Cut the fiberglass on one end, to connect the muffler to the shop vac.

  7. Apply silicone caulk around the fiberglass packing to secure it to the PVC pipe. Set the muffler aside and wait at least 12 hours for the silicone caulk to dry.

  8. Attach one end of the rubber gasket to the exhaust post on the shop vac. Insert open end of the muffler into the other end of the rubber gasket. Secure the muffler to the exhaust port with the hose clamp.

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