How to Remove Black Mold With Bleach

Black mold is potentially dangerous and toxic. All mold can cause certain health problems, but black mold found on such items as wood, cellulose insulation, cardboard, gypsum board, ceiling tiles or anything containing cellulose is very toxic. Only a professional mold remediation specialist should clean these materials. Black mold on other types of surfaces, however, is generally safe to remove yourself, using a bleach-based cleaning solution.

Wear gloves when cleaning black mold.
  1. Put on a face mask and gloves before you start to remove the black mold. Both mold and bleach can irritate your skin and respiratory system.

  2. Scrape away any thick areas of mold and discard in a heavy-duty sealable plastic bag. This ensures you don't spread the mold spores.

  3. Add a gallon of water to a spray bottle. Then, add about a half cup of bleach. Thoroughly mix the solution.

  4. Spray all affected areas with the bleach solution. Let it sit for several minutes.

  5. Scrub the area thoroughly with a scrub brush and remove the black mold. Add more cleaning solution, when necessary.

  6. Rinse the area with clean water and dry completely to prevent future mold growth.

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