How to Keep Snakes Out of a Chicken Coop

Your chicken coop can be vulnerable to multiple predators from land and air, including hawks that sink their claws into unprotected chickens, chicken and chicken-egg-loving raccoons, skunks, that prey on chicks, and snakes, that eat chicken eggs but leave the birds alone.

Nearby snakes would love to make a meal of checken eggs.Nearby snakes would love to make a meal of checken eggs.
A well-sealed, screened-in chicken coop surrounded by proper fencing will help keep snakes as well as other predators out of your coop and away from your chickens.

Cement the floor and build the walls using two cinder blocks. This helps to prevent snakes and other predators from digging under the ground and at the coop walls to gain entry. Ensure all openings, no matter how small, are sealed with liquid foam or other durable sealant.

Install a screening system on doors and windows for extra protection when left open to prevent snakes from gaining access.

Fence in your chicken coop with wood fencing or chicken wire. Bury the fencing at least 1 foot deep, which will keep snakes and other predators from sliding under the fence to get to the coop.

Things You Will Need

  • Cement
  • Foam sealant
  • Chicken wire or wooden fencing


  • Pull chicken wire away from the coop about 6 inches to keep other predators out of the coop, as they will not enjoy digging up chicken wire.
  • Mobile chicken coops are available as another method of protecting your flock.

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