How to Fence Across a Pond

Building fences can be challenging, especially if the fence must cross water.

Fence Across a PondFence Across a Pond
Don't fret. With a little perserverance, you can successfully build a wire fence across a pond.

Find the deepest part of the pond that will be crossed. This can be done using several tools. If you can wade the pond, use a measuring stick. If you cannot wade the pond, an electronic depth finder might be the most reliable method.

Install one fence post as close to the edge of the pond as possible. This post can be of any material and size and should match the fence posts used to bring the fence up to the pond.

Install a second post of similar material and size on the other side of the pond directly across from the first, again placing it as close to the edge of the pond as possible.

Secure wire to the first fence post that you installed on the pond's edge. How you do this will depend on the type of post you have selected. If possible, you should use the same method as you did when securing the wire on other land-based fence posts. Most wire fence systems have a string running near the top of the post and one running near the bottom.

Install the first sign post in the pond approximately fifteen feet from the last land-based post. Use the mallet to pound the post approximately two feet deep into the pond bottom. Be sure that you choose sign posts long enough to leave two feet of post above the water after you have installed them.

Install subsequent sign posts at intervals of fifteen feet until you are approximately fifteen feet from the land-based post on the pond's opposite edge.

String the top wire from the last land-based fence post to the first water-based sign post.

Secure the wire to the sign post near the top of the post. Again, the method you choose is up to you. Be sure to pull the wire as taut as possible before securing it.

Secure the top wire to each remaining sign post, keeping the wire as taut as possible.

String the wire to the land-based fence post and secure it.

Repeat steps 7 through 10 for the bottom wire.

Things You Will Need

  • Fence posts
  • Galvanized U-channel sign posts
  • Mallet
  • Wire


  • Having another person to help you install this type of fence is a must.
  • If you can, leave approximately three to six inches between the bottom wire and the pond's surface. This will decrease the likelihood of floating debris collecting around the fence.


  • Do not attempt this project if you and your helper are not strong swimmers.
  • Wear a life jacket when working in and around the water.

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