How to Clean With Goo Gone

A tough mess like sticker or label adhesive, gum, lipstick, or wax can be a challenge to remove. The cleaning product Goo Gone can be used on a variety of surfaces, like plastic, upholstery, tile, wood, carpet, and appliances to remove those stuck-on messes. You can use the oil-based Goo Gone or Goo Gone All-Purpose spray, depending on your problem.

Step 1

Apply a few drops of Goo Gone to the hard surface you are trying to clean, or spray the all-purpose solution onto a clean cloth, and then press the cloth to the item. Allow the Goo Gone to rest on the area for two to three minutes.

Step 2

Rub a clean cloth over the problem area to work in the Goo Gone and pull out the loosened debris. Add more Goo Gone as needed if the area appears dry.

Step 3

Wipe the remaining solution from smooth surfaces or dab at any soft materials such as clothing with a new cloth. Inspect the area to see if the problem you needed to clear away has been removed.

Step 4

Repeat cleaning the item, if needed, following Steps 1 to 3 until the material has been removed.

Step 5

Wipe hard surfaces with a clean cloth to remove residue. To clear away the Goo Gone residue, wash any clothing or fabric items with detergent once the stuck-on object is removed.