How to Keep People From Climbing on a Block Wall

The method you choose to use to keep people from climbing on the block wall will depend on the severity of the threat the climbers pose. If neighborhood children are climbing over the wall or vandalizing the property, place a permanent, non-harming barrier if possible. If you fear for the safety of your home or family, a different approach is necessary. Be aware of your location's safety and intruder regulations. In some locations it is permissible for an intruder to sue if he sustains an injury on your property.

Keep intruders from climbing your walls with anti-climbing paint
  1. Plant thick and prickly shrubs surrounding the perimeter of the walls to make them less accessible. Good choices include rose and hawthorn bushes.

  2. Paint the wall with anti-climbing paint. Check with your local council to determine the legal restrictions of using anti-climbing paint. Anti-climbing paint leaves an oily and slippery surface on the wall that is extremely difficult to climb.

  3. Add barbed wire or anti-climbing spikes to the upper ledge of the wall to discourage climbers. Anti-climbing spikes are attached to the top of a wall using cement.

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