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How to Build an Insulated Shed Door

Lindsay Kramer

Insulated doors and walls keep everything stored within them safe from extreme temperatures and high winds. Homeowners can easily build their own insulated shed doors to protect everything inside their sheds, like lawnmowers and power tools.

How to Build an Insulated Shed Door

Power tools and mechanical equipment such as lawn mowers should be stored in a dark, temperate place when they are not in use. It keeps them in good working condition and extends their lives. A shed with an insulated plywood door will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, protecting everything inside from extreme temperatures. Building an insulated shed door is a straightforward process that won't break the bank.

    Gather your Materials

  1. Purchase the materials you need to build the door. For a 4-foot-by 6-foot door, you need to cut your 1-inch-by-4-inch planks into two 48-inch planks, two 68-inch planks and one 40-inch plank with your miter saw.

  2. Cut your Door Panels

  3. Mark with the pencil, a 72-inch-by-48-inch rectangle on each sheet of plywood. These will be your door panels. Cut the panels out of the plywood sheets with the circular saw.

  4. Add the Horizontal Edges of the Insulation Frame

  5. Spread wood glue on the face of one 48-inch long plank. Lay one plywood panel flush with its top edge. Clamp it into place and do the same with the other 48-inch plank along the panel’s bottom horizontal edge.

  6. Mark the clamped planks at 8-inch intervals. Drill wood screws into these marks. Remove the clamps.

  7. Add the Vertical Edges of the Insulation Frame

  8. Just like you did with the 48-inch planks, spread wood glue on one face of each of the 68-inch planks and clamp them into place along the vertical edges of your door panel. Their edges should fit snugly against the inside edges of the horizontal planks. Mark your vertical planks at 8-inch intervals and screw them into place before removing the clamps.

  9. Add your Middle Plank

  10. The final piece of support for your insulation frame is the 40-inch plank. Glue it into place at the door’s vertical midpoint. Its edges should fit within the interior frame created by the 68-inch vertical planks. Screw this plank into place.

  11. Add the Insulation

  12. Cut the rigid insulation foam into two sections to fit into the frames you created. They will measure 40-inches-by-32-inches. Spread glue on the frame’s interior edges, then press the rigid foam sections into these frames.

  13. Finishing the Door

  14. Take the other sheet of plywood and lay it flush on the framed, insulated door you built. Clamp it into place, then mark 8-inch intervals around its perimeter and along the center interior plank. Drill screws into these marked spots to close up your now-complete insulated shed door.

Adding Hinges and a Doorknob

After you’ve built your door, you need to add hinges and a doorknob for it to be functional. Your insulated shed door should feel light, but solid. When you’re standing inside the shed with the door closed, you shouldn’t feel any outside breezes and any noises coming from outside should be muffled. If you get confused or think you need help at any point in the door’s construction, contact a professional carpenter for guidance.


When you work with power tools, always use protective eyewear. Cut away from your body, not toward it. Wear a dust mask when cutting the wood and the insulation panels to avoid breathing in sawdust and potentially harmful fumes.