How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink Pipe in a Wall

Bathroom sinks over time will develop clogs as hair and other debris collect at certain points along the sink's drainpipe system. Sometimes the clog will be located in the stubout, or pipe that protrudes from the wall. The only way to remove a clog from the stubout is to feed a drain auger or snake into the pipe in an attempt to dislodge or pull out the clog's debris. While the procedure may be messy, it does not require much technical skill.

  1. Place a bucket underneath the sink to catch any water that comes out of the pipes. Clamp a pipe wrench to the sink trap connections and turn it counterclockwise to undo the connections.

  2. Look into the sink trap you removed, making sure it does not have any clogs inside it. If you do see a clog, feed the auger through the sink trap to push the clog out.

  3. Use your hands to undo the connection between the horizontal pipe and the stubout that protrudes from the wall. Feed the auger into the stubout until you feel resistance inside the pipe.

  4. Rotate the crank on the auger's handle clockwise, and continue feeding the auger into the pipe. If the auger becomes stuck or you cannot feed it any farther but still feel resistance, turn the crank counterclockwise as you retract the auger from the stubout.

  5. Retract the auger from the stubout once you no longer feel resistance. Reassemble the sink trap on the underside of the sink, and then turn on the faucet's hot water at full blast to flush down any remnants of the clog's debris.

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