How to Clean a Kenmore Power Miser 8 Hot Water Heater

Having hot water in your sinks and shower is a convenience of modern life often taken for granted.

It isn't until you step in to take a cold shower that you even remember your hot water heater. After extensive use, the burners on the water heater get covered in dust and soot, causing them to work less effectively at heating your water. Also, sediment in the tank can build up and cause the water to not heat the way it should. Cleaning the Kenmore Power Miser 8 water heater corrects these problem in many cases. .

Turn the gas off on the Kenmore Power Miser 8 water heater and turn off the cold water inlet valve to the heater. Turn on a water faucet to "Hot" in your home and let it run.

Screw a hose onto the drain valve on the Miser 8 and lay the other end of the hose near a drain. Open the valve to drain all the sediment from the bottom of the water heater.

Shut the drain valve, turn off the water faucet and open the cold water valve to fill the tank.

Open the maintenance hatch on the bottom of the water heater, using the screwdriver. Place the hose of a vacuum cleaner into the maintenance hatch and turn it on. Vacuum the dust and soot from the burners.

Shut the hatch and turn the gas to the water heater back on.

Things You Will Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Screwdriver
  • Hose

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