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How to Get Rid of the Smell of Salmon Cooking

Mel Frank

Salmon is a healthy meat that can be prepared a variety of ways, but often you get left with a fishy smell as you prepare the meal. The salmon smell can linger for days afterward, leaving the home smelling stale and unpleasant. Luckily you can quickly remove the odor, and even prevent it with use of a few inexpensive items.

Remove salmon odor with vinegar.
  1. Mix 2 cups water with 2 tbsp. white vinegar and simmer on low heat as you cook the salmon. The vinegar will naturally absorb the fish odor and prevent it from lingering through the home.

  2. Place a few bowls of either vinegar or baking soda around the kitchen, or place one or two bowls of each. Both work as natural odor absorbents.

  3. Simmer a homemade freshener on the stove. Mix about 2 cups water, 2 sticks cinnamon or 2 tbsp. cinnamon, and 4 cloves in a pot. This emits a fresh, clean smell throughout the kitchen and masks the salmon odor.

  4. Remember to open windows or turn on your stove hood when cooking so the fish scent can air out.