How to Unclog a Septic Line Clog

A septic tank should be kept clear of blockages to avoid more serious and costly problems with the system.

Routine maintenance can help prevent costly septic tank replacement.Routine maintenance can help prevent costly septic tank replacement.
A clog can lead to mechanical problems and possibly replacement of the entire septic system. Clearing a clogged line is relatively easy if you catch the problem early.

Buy a bacteria specially formulated to remove organic matter buildup in septic tanks. Such bacteria can be found online or at your local septic care specialists.

Insert the bacteria directly into the septic tank or into the tank through the toilet. Different bacteria are applied differently, so read the directions carefully.

Monitor the effectiveness of the bacteria. This may take up to three weeks, depending on the state of your tank and severity of the clog.


  • Be skeptical of any professional who tells you a septic system replacement is necessary. It is a costly process and should be a last resort.

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