Pex Tubing Installation Instructions

Pex tubing is flexible plastic tubing that is used in residential plumbing and radiant heat systems that use water.

Red and blue Pex pipes can be used to indicate hot and cold water lines, respectively.Red and blue Pex pipes can be used to indicate hot and cold water lines, respectively.
Pex is an extremely durable plumbing material, able to handle temperature ranges from subfreezing to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Pex is cheaper than standard copper piping, and its flexibility allows for fewer joints needed in a plumbing or heating line. One drawback to using Pex tubing is that you need specialized tools to install it.

Measure the length of the tubing that needs to be installed.

Mark the location of the Pex tubing where you need to make the cuts.

Place the tubing in a Pex cutter, positioning the tubing so that the blade of the cutter cuts into the tubing at a 90-degree angle. A cut that is uneven or leaves jagged edges on the tubing won't allow you to make a proper connection.

Slide the crimp ring over the tubing, about 2 inches in from the end.

Slide the Pex fitting into the end of the tubing until the shoulder (the raised part) touches the side of the tubing.

Slide the crimp ring towards the end of the tubing until it's between 1/4 and 1/8-inch away from the end.

Place the Pex crimp tool over the crimp ring, positioning it so that it's centered over the crimp ring at a 90-degree angle.

Close the jaws of the Pex crimping tool completely.

Check the connection with a tool call a "go-no-go" gauge. Test the connection by sliding the proper size gauge over the connection. If you can slide the gauge over the connection without applying force, the connection was done properly.

Connect the Pex fitting to the other end of the tubing, using the same process as above.

Place the tubing into the location it is being installed. If the tubing is being supported, strap it down every 6 feet. If you are running the tubing from underneath where it is unsupported, use one strap every 32 inches.

Connect the Pex tubing to whatever appliances or piping it is being used for, such as running between the hot water heater and a sink.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Pex cutter
  • Crimp rings
  • Pex crimp tool
  • Go-no-go gauge
  • Pex tubing straps

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