How to Get a Possum Out From Under a Shed

Possums usually steer clear of human contact, but sometimes man's encroachment into prime possum territory leaves the small marsupials little choice other than to choose a den site underneath a backyard shed.

Possums under your backyard shed could lead to unwanted results if the issue isn't addressed.
If left to their own devices, the possums will remain there and potentially pose a threat to pets like cats or smaller dogs. Luckily, you have a few options for removing the animals from under your shed. .

Consult your local animal control officers about removing the possums from under the shed. They may or may not do so, depending if they think the animals pose an immediate threat or not. If they don't remove them, call a privately owned animal control service that will humanely remove the possums and relocate them to another area. Fees for this service vary.

Stand on one side of the shed and look under the floor to see if you can locate the hiding animals. Make sure the animals have a clear escape route directly opposite from where you're standing. Light a few harmless non-explosive smoke bombs and toss them under the shed once they begin to smoke; this will frighten the possums into leaving by making their den difficult to breathe and see in. Once they've left, enclose the crawlspace under the shed to prevent them from coming back.

Look under the shed to see if the possums are there. Usually the babies travel with their mothers, a trait inherent in marsupial species. If the den is vacant, lay "tubes" of panty hose stuffed with dog hair along the perimeter of the crawlspace, which creates the scent of a dog in the immediate area. This will discourage the possums from returning. Simply stuff discarded hose with tufts of hair brushed from a dog and tie the hose at the top to create the tubes.

Things You Will Need

  • Smoke bombs
  • Panty hose (optional)


  • If you observe the animal being overly aggressive and confrontational -- behavior usually not associated with possums -- the possum may be rabid. Tell the animal control specialists about this when consulting them.