How to Get a Card Graded

If you ever want to make a profit by selling your sports cards you need to get them professionally graded.

Getting a card graded means that a third-party organization examines the card and gives it a number grade based on its condition. If you have two identical cards that are both in mint condition but one is graded and one is not, the graded card will sell for exponentially higher amounts of money than its non-graded counterpart.

Use SGC's card grading services. SGC provides pricing on a per-card basis. You have to pay the fee for grading based on the number of cards you're sending and then ship the cards to the grading center. How long the process will take depends on the type of cards you have and the services you pay for. For example, SGC's "Express" service costs $15 per card and takes 10 business days to complete.

Use PSA Sports' grading service. In addition to regular sports cards, PSA Sports will grade tickets, autographs, unopened packs of cards, bats and other pieces of memorabilia. You will be required to ship your sports cards directly to the PSA Sports center for grading. PSA's regular service is $10 per card with a five business day turnaround time.

Use Beckett's card grading services. Beckett's pricing varies based on the type of service you want as well as the number of cards you're sending. For example, for an order of 1-19 cards Beckett charges $9 per card and has a 45 day turnaround. However, they also have a $26 per card service that offers a two day turnaround for the same amount of cards.

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