How to Stock a Pond With Yellow Perch

A yellow perch is a cold water fish and it normally grows 4 to 6 inches in length. It has has a dorsal fin, and it's a member of the Percidae family. In the wild, yellow perch prefer relatively shallow waters near shore. When stocking a pond with yellow perch, however, you must consider aeration, temperatures and the size of the pond. Perch can be very prolific and they should not be stocked in small ponds.

The yellow perch is a member of the Percidae family.
  1. Stock yellow perch in a pond that is at least 10-feet deep and 1/3 acre in size. You can stock up to 100 4- to 5-inch perch in a pond of this size. The larger the pond, the more fish you can add to it.

  2. Add proper aeration to the pond through the use of multiple waterfalls or fountains. Yellow perch require a lot of oxygen; water circulation is crucial to the health of your fish.

  3. Maintain the water temperature of the pond. Yellow perch can living in freezing temperatures, but they're most active in water temperatures of 66 to 70 degrees. Add a pond heater or a pond de-icer in the winter and provide shade in the summer to regulate water temperature. Add floating plants and foliage to the pond to increase shade.

  4. Order yellow perch from a commercial hatchery. Slowly mix pond water into the shipping container over the course of 30 minutes; then, submerge the container let the fish swim out when they are ready.


  • The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries does not recommend stocking yellow pirch; they tend to become overpopulated and stunted.