How to Check for Fleas on a Carpet

Fleas in carpet are misery for humans and animals alike. The warm environment in many homes combined with the thick texture of carpets provides the ideal environment for adult fleas and their larvae. Once the insects sense the presence of a warm body, they become active, biting any human or pet in their path. Left unchecked, one or two fleas in carpet can rapidly become 200, so it's important to detect fleas promptly before a full-blown infestation occurs.

Fleas in carpet multiply rapidly if left unchecked.
  1. Put on a pair of white socks and pull them up to your calves.

  2. Walk slowly over carpeted areas that you suspect are infested with fleas. The insects are attracted to warmth and movement and will likely jump onto the socks if present.

  3. Examine the socks after walking over the carpet; fleas look like tiny brown or black spots and hop away quickly if disturbed.

  4. Fill a shallow pan with water and place it on the carpet if you are still unsure about the presence of fleas.

  5. Position a lamp next to the pan of water, so that it illuminates the pan. Do this at night, so that the only light in the room is provided by the lamp. Fleas will be drawn to the light and will hop into the pan of water, making them easy to detect if present.