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Trane XL16i Problems

Mitchell Brock

During those hot summer days it is nice to have a device that cools down the interior temperature of the home. The Trane XL 16i system is one of those units that provides air conditioning to your house and functions well for several years with the proper preventive maintenance schedule. Eventually, there may come a time when the XL 16i starts to malfunction and you will have to determine what is wrong.


The Trane XL 16i is an air conditioning system.

One problem that sometimes occurs with the Trane XL 16i is when it blows air, but the air is not cold. Different problems with the air conditioning unit can cause this problem. A problem with the thermostat is one of the common causes of this problem. Check the thermostat to see if it is set correctly. The circuit breaker located inside your breaker box may be the cause. Reset the circuit breaker that controls the Trane XL 16i. If your inside unit is running, but the outside unit is not, you must contact your local technician because this can be a sign of a more serious problem.


Sometimes your Trane XL 16i will not blow air through the vents. Check the filters first, because the filters get clogged with debris and prevent air from flowing freely through the vents. Part of your preventive maintenance schedule should include periodically replacing the filters. Another common reason your Trane XL 16i is not allowing air to flow through the vents is created by a frozen or dirty coil. Turn the thermostat off for one to three hours and let the coil thaw, then try turning the unit back on. If the problem persists, call your local technician.

Water Leak

A Trane XL 16i has a condensation line that allows the excess water produced by the cooling unit to seep out into a drain line and into a drain pan. If the unit begins to leak water, the condensation line, drain line, drain pan or other drain components have a problem. The air conditioning unit has a overflow switch that controls the draining of this liquid. If the overflow switch is not working or your drain lines get clogged, it is best that you call a local technician to make these repairs.

Continuous Operation

One common problem or question that Trane reports is the continuous operation of the XL 16i. The unit should never run all the time. Once the unit reaches the desired temperature, the unit will automatically turn off. Once the interior temperature begins to increase, the unit will turn back on. If the unit continues to operate all the time, the thermostat might be set too low. Reset your thermostat to a reasonable cooling temperature, like 78 degrees for the hottest part of the summer.