GE Profile Performance Refrigerator Leaking

The General Electric Profile is a side-by-side refrigerator that has a fresh food compartment on the right side and a freezer compartment with a water dispenser and an ice maker on the left side.

Water Pooling in Bottom

If your GE Profile refrigerator begins to leak, there are a few different places where the water could be coming from. Figuring out the cause and the solution to the problem is fairly easy and shouldn’t require the services of a professional. Simply observe some key areas to determine what is causing the issue.

Water may pool and freeze in the bottom of the freezer compartment. It may even run out the door and into the floor in front of the freezer. When this happens, it is usually because the drain on the automatic defrost system is clogged. The automatic defrost works by turning on a small heater to melt frost from the evaporator coil. This melted frost runs into a drain below and makes its way to a catch pan in the bottom of the refrigerator through a tube. When a piece of food or a layer of ice blocks the drain or the tube, the water cannot get through. Water backs up and spills down into the compartment below. Flushing this drain and tube with hot water and baking soda is the best solution to the problem.

Leaking Between Doors

Condensation may build up between the two doors of your GE Profile refrigerator. When this happens, the excess condensation could drip down the surface and into the floor at the base of the appliance, which may convince you that there is a leak, but it is not really a leak, although the ramifications are the same. The GE Profile has anti-sweat heaters to help control this problem. But many people choose to set their GE refrigerator to the “Energy Saver” mode, which cuts down on electricity use by turning these heaters off. Turn this feature off to keep the condensation from forming.

Water Dispenser Leak

Your GE Profile has a convenient water dispenser that allows you to get chilled, filtered water straight from the door into your glass. But the dispenser can sometimes be the source of a leak. Typically, the dispenser will leak out a few more drops after you stop filling your glass. You can hold your glass under it until it stops to catch the rest, or the grate below will catch it and it will evaporate in time. If the dripping continues, the problem may be with the shutoff valve, and you will need to get an appliance repair person to fix it.

Ice Maker Leak

The GE Profile has an automatic ice maker in the freezer compartment, and sometimes you may find the leak is originating from this piece of equipment. There could be several reasons for this problem. The water line fittings that fill the molds may not be secure. Your refrigerator may also have a leaking fill tube that must be replaced, or the water valve may be sticking and overflowing the molds. Even a refrigerator that is not level can cause the ice maker fill tube to spray water out of the designated area and cause a leak.

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